• How Much to Ship a wood fired water stove? +

    This depends on your location and size but the average is between $150-$300.
  • How long does it take to heat up a pool? +

    This depends on many variables but let’s say the pool is 12'x24'x5'deep (aprox 10,000 gallons). In this case the Inferno should be able to raise the temperature about 1.3 Degrees F per hour. Variables such as heat loss, use of cover, outdoor temperature will all play a role in determining the heat time.
  • What type of wood should I burn? +

    This is similar to any fireplace, dry hardwoods tend to produce the greatest amount of heat energy. They also reduce cresol which can coat the chimney.
  • What temperature will the water reach? +

    Conceivably the water can reach boiling when used with just thermosiphon. This should be avoided and the fire should be reduced. If large air bubbles are forming then that is a sign that the water is too hot, check the thermostat and bring down temperature.
  • Can I use the wood water heater to heat my hot tub in the winter? +

    Yes you can! The ports we supply for hot tubs have a port plug that can be purchased. By threading these plugs in the tub you will then be able to drain only the heater, thereby eliminating the chance of freeze damage to the heater. WARNING only plug ports when there is no fire or coals in the fire box. DON"T forget to remove the plugs when using again.
  • Do I need the connection kit? +

    No you didn't but it is recommended especially the thermosiphon kit. This kit contains high temp rated silicon connectors and special high temp CPVC that can handle potential boiling temperatures.
  • Where should I put the heater in my pool loop? +

    The heater should be placed on the suction side of your pump not on the pressure side. The heater has a rating of 12 PSI and as such the pressure side of your pump could cause the heater's safety valve to open.
  • Can the heater be above my hot tub and still work with thermosiphon? +

    No thermosiphon needs a gradual rise of about 1' per three feet. If you want to put it above the tub then you will need to use the forced circulation with a pump for it to work.
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