Thermosiphon Connection Kit - Wood Water Stoves

Thermosiphon Connection Kit

The popularity of a heater that uses no electricity is what drives our business. Heating wood fired hot tubs, plastic spas and pools using thermosiphon provides a NO noise, ultimate Zen Experience.

* Choose Wall Fitting :

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Forced Circulation Pump for Wood Pool Heater

Forced Circulation Pump for Pool or Spa

This connection kit is ideal for pool or spa owners that have an existing pump and want to use this to force the water through the heater.


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Forced Circulation kit - Wood Water Stoves

Forced Circulation Kit for Water Heating

If you want the best of both worlds then our complete forced circulation kit with independent pump and filter is ideal to get the most of your wood fired water heater.

Balboa Heat EFX:

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Port Plugs for Wood Hot Tub Stoves

Port Plugs for Wood Hot Tub Stoves

If you want to use you wood burning hot tub heater during the winter, there is a simple solution!


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Low Profile Gate Valve - Wood Water Stoves

Low Profile Gate Valve

Similar to port Plugs, the gate valves have a “street” connection to make a tight fit into the back of the wall port.


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Floating Thermometer - Wood Water Stoves

Floating Thermometer Kit

All hot tubs need a floating Thermometer to accurately measure the water temperature.


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