Thermosiphon Connection Kit - Wood Water Stoves

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The popularity of a heater that uses not electricity is what drives our business. Heating wood fired hot tubs, plastic spas and pools using thermosiphon provides a NO noise ultimate Zen Experience. Our Thermosiphon kits quickly adapt to any hot tub or pool by inserting two wall ports into the tub/pool.

High temperature silicone coupler and high temperature CPVC 1 ½" are connected using stainless steel clamps. Ideal for up to 4 feet away from the tub. Please chose the size of wall ports. Wood hot tubs require a longer shank than acrylic or fiber glass tubs. NOTE: regular PVC or ABS pipe should never be used as it is not rated for high temperatures and will melt.

Choose extended wall fitting for wood hot tub
Choose standard wall fitting for acrylic tub/pool

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