Thermosiphon Connection Kit - Wood Water Stoves

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Thermosiphon Connection Kit - Wood Water Stoves

The popularity of a heater that uses not electricity is what drives our business. Heating wood fired hot tubs, plastic spas and pools using thermosiphon provides a NO noise ultimate Zen Experience. Our Thermosiphon kits quickly adapt to any hot tub or pool by inserting two wall ports into the tub/pool.

High temperature silicone coupler and high temperature CPVC 1 ½" are connected using stainless steel clamps. Ideal for up to 4 feet away from the tub. Please chose the size of wall ports. Wood hot tubs require a longer shank than acrylic or fiber glass tubs. NOTE: regular PVC or ABS pipe should never be used as it is not rated for high temperatures and will melt.

  • Choose extended wall fitting for wood hot tub
  • Choose standard wall fitting for acrylic tub/pool

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