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When using a wood fired pool heater or wood fired hot tub heater, it is important to monitor the water quality to ensure it is clean and free of unwanted bacteria that can form in hot water. Traditionally, chemicals such as chlorine and bromine have been widely used to ensure clean water. However, there are other simple tricks that when implemented can extend the water clarity in a hot tub or pool without the need for harsh chemicals. This applies more so to wood fired hot tubs as pools will all have existing sanitization and filtering system in place.

Use a cover to keep debris out of the hot tub. A cover keeps the heat in but also keeps foreign material such as leaves, dust, bugs etc. Out of the tub. Sunlight speeds up the growth of Algae so covering the tub will help stop algae forming.
Shower before using the hot tub. For centuries the Japanese have practiced the art of long deep soaks in Ofuro bath tubs. The key to reusing the water is a thorough cleanse before entering. Dried skin and body oils are the main cause of dirt in a hot tub so rinse of properly and you will greatly increase the water quality for longer periods of time.
Add a force circulation pump and filter. By filtering the water you can extend the life of the water by 200-300%. Using a forced circulation filter also evenly distributes the water and eliminates the layering that results in slower thermosiphon hot tub heating.
Use a chemical free sanitization product. There are many products that claim to be chemical free. We have tested them all. For the best results we recommend The Natural Solution which when used as directed can treat a hot tub for up to 3 months.
Clean you filters often – for those that have a forced circulation system with a filter, it is especially important to clean your filters regularly. Proper cleaning using a special fitter cleaning tool is the best cleaning practice. You will find a big difference in water clarity when you keep your filters clean.
Clean filters

By using some of these tricks you will find your water stays clean longer. However, use common sense, hot water breeds bacteria quicker than cold water. If your water looks or smells foul, then drain it! Clean water is always best. There is no way to test for bad water so error on the safe side and drain the tub often to avoid poor water quality.

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