2 Person Wood Fired Ofuro Tub – Oval

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This classic cedar hot tubs comes complete with everything you will need to make the most out of your Northern Lights Cedar Tub. Includes a Blaze stainless steel wood fired stove for quick heat up times.

The 100% clear western red cedar hot tub includes 3 stainless steel straps that guarantee there will be not rust stains on the wood. The hot tub is 480 gallons and with the Blaze stove can be heated 15-20 degrees F per hour. Also includes are 2 sets of cedar shelves, custom cedar stairs and full hexagon shaped bench system with step in seat, and rust covered insulated cover with safety child locks.


100% Grade “A” western red cedar including seats
3 x stainless steel straps
CampFire 35,000 BTU wood fired hot tub heater
Insulated Marine Grade Cover with child straps
Wood accessories – stairs, 1 shelf

Dimension – 68” long x 36” wide x 30” tall

Volume – approx. 150 US gallons

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